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Who We are

Go Life Imaging is a full service Event, 0n-location and photography studio located in McKinney, TX.  Whether you are managing a major corporate event, need a custom portrait or have a special idea in mind, we are here to help you get the most out of creating memories last will last for generations to come.

Over 29 years of experience in the professional photographic industry with numerous awards, accolades and deeply cherished relationships.  We look forward to serving you and creating your masterpiece!

A Little Philosphophy

Photography is an art and a science.  It is light and composition.  It is capturing the essence of a single moment in time with the promise of visually representing that moment for generations to come.  

It is also complete freedom colliding with the laws of nature in a way that leads to both limitless possibilities and predictable outcomes.  At Go Life Imaging, we strive to capture the unlimited essence of life and light to create unique images that will touch your heart.

Every single image tells a story...your story.  It is our privilege to be a part of your life on the go!

Lori Davis, Owner

Jim Davis, Owner

Jim is a life-long photographer and student of photo sciences.  He loves working with people to share his creative and technical expertise to deliver images that touch hearts.

Lori has a life-long passion for design, fashion, style and beautiful images.  She loves people and helping them find the very best in themselves, from the inside out!

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